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Fri, Feb. 18th, 2005, 02:46 pm
atomic_siouxsie: latest attempt at songwriting...

i'd like to say that this song is for an ex-boyfriend (how cliche, yes?), but in all honesty, this song is for someone whom i thought was a friend, but who has proven me otherwise. lovely, isn't it?

let me know what you think; I CRAVE CRITICISM!!! ^^
(just as a side-note: i tend to write when i'm pissed/depressed/ecstatic, and when i'm pissed, my songs usually end up dripping with sarcasm; some call it a gift, i call it bitchery ^^)


I suppose I should tell you you're lookin okay
But I think that's what you want me to say
You've finally proven all you can be
BUt I wonder: do you still think about me?
Do you lie awake in bed at night,
And wonder if you're livin your life right?
Do the ghosts from your past ever stop by for tea,
Or are you too busy changin the world to see?

Made your mark in life, they knew you by name
Created a cynical kind of fame
All alone at the top, how far can you see?
As soon as there's trouble, come runnin to me...
You made the mistake when you thought I'd agree

Now that you're at the top, I bet that you think
All the pieces are just gonna fall into sync
So afraid you'll loose your place
Fallin outta step with a minimal grace
Social Suicide a la mode
You're a riddle that I just can't decode
Don't miss a step, you just might fall
But not even Napoleon conquered it all

Always bit off more than you could chew
Livin up to the name that they made for you
Shakin lots of hands, finally made it big time
All you need is your killer opening line...
Don't pat yourself on the back, you might break your spine


And I wonder how they all remember you
If it's anything like the way I do
Only thing on your mind was to prove what you're worth
Hope you're happy now that you've made your voice heard...
But they all heard the music when I heard the words.